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Link to Class 1 wildlife breeders permit application
Needed to own western hognose in the state of Missouri since they are a native species.

It is $54 a year, and has to be renewed every June.

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Hello there. Welcome to our website. We live and work on a farm with beef cattle, chickens and more. We went to our first reptile expo in September 2019, where we got our first two snakes, and we have been hooked ever since. 

-- Christina and Chris --


If you are in the market for racks, caging, tubs, bowls and much more. Check out:

 Vision racks and cages

One of my favorite products has been the water dish holders. Great upgrade for existing set ups. And now come in 2 sizes. I use the 12oz size for my adult hognose and ball pythons. And now the V-15 size for my baby hognoses.

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Consider joining United States Association of Reptile Keepers today!
We are a bronze member!

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